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Audio Marketing

What's this?

Your business no longer has to rely solely on expensive traditional marketing methods. Social media means you get your shout out easily and inexpensively. If you want some great audio content for that - I can help you!

This track explains some more about audio marketing - and it's also an example of what we could make for your business too

From £80 you can be the proud owner of a piece approaching a fully produced radio ad

From £50 we can make something like this - up to 30 seconds. You'll notice this is a full 'advert' version of the 'audio logo' above

From £15, this is a short 'Audio Logo' giving the essence of a brand, the name, and in a style consistent with the market

An example of a fully produced video which really tells the story of a brand. This was commissioned by Lisa at Frenzyhouse who wanted to show a particular product in more detail than just using text on the website.  - Video was the answer.


Using a combination of photography of the product, other imagery (still and moving), in-house script production and Lisa's voice, this is really at the top end of what we could do for you. But, if you're expecting top end prices - you will be pleased to know something like this starts from £120.

The shorter video on Audio Marketing

The full Audio Marketing video (5mins)

Below are some examples of 'Audio Marketing'. I'll work with you to provide a bespoke message which suits your brand, and budget. From an audio logo, to a full video production, it's yours to use anywhere: your website, YouTube, presentations and slideshows, your answerphone, e-mails, corporate films, podcasts, in all your marketing, Facebook, Twitter etc. Prefer a different voice - Female, American Male, American Female, Scots female - NO PROBLEM! I have contact with many other voice artists ready to make YOUR business sound great! If you have ANY questions - just get in touch.

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