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Cake Or Broccoli – STP032

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  1. What happens in our heads when we get stuck on things

  2. An article from which refers to a Princeton Study

  3. Why it’s the same as making a choice between ‘cake now’ or ‘broccoli later’

  4. How this may explain why we get distracted and don’t finish stuff

  5. The 3 SHARP solutions:

  6. 1) Giving yourself rewards with intention

  7. 155 ways to reward yourself – the article is here

  8. 2) Social Accountability

  9. Getting outside of your comfort zone by being accountable to others

  10. A good article by Do The Things with some ideas

  11. Joining a Mastermind Group – here’s some resource

  12. Finding a coach

  13. Meet Up where you can join like-minded people

  14. Apps to improve your fitness regime

  15. Fitbit – you can join up with friends to compare activity

  16. Strava – where you can compare runs or cycle routes with others

  17. Pumpup – where you can track progress, post your success, and get a coach

  18. 3) Gamification

  19. Why the gaming industry is so huge

  20. How the quality of games can help us with ‘work’ stuff

  21. Yu-Kai Chou’s talk on what gamification is

  22. How you’re already doing ‘gamification’ even if you don’t realise it

  23. Why we need to stop thinking about ‘work’ and ‘play’ differently – according to Janaki Kumar

  24. A great article from Trello featuring:

  25. Using 2 dice and a bit of paper to reward yourself

  26. A ‘gamified’ version of Social Accountability to punish your pal!

  27. We talked earlier before SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: but this is a gamified version called WILL YOU PUNISH YOUR BUDDY?

  28. Using Apps to take gamification further if you want to

  29. Yu-Kai’s useful article on the top 10 gamified productivity apps – including:

  30. Super Better

  31. Todoist Karma – which ranks your performance on to-doist

  32. Epic Win

  33. Habitica

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