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Creative Problem Solving – STP040

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

Steve In The Field is back – OH NO!

What do we mean by ‘problem’ ?

The things that cause us to struggle:

What the heck is ‘convergent thinking’?

  1. Quotes – they sound nice, but many don’t really help do they?

  2. Lisa and Steve at the table are back – HOORAY!

  3. We demonstrate why ‘sticky thinking’ doesn’t help

  4. Creative Problem Solving – the CEF full explanation is here 

  5. The key stages of the Creative Problem Solving model

  6. Clarify

  7. Gather as much information as you can about the problem

  8. Use – The 5 Why Technique

  9. Ask more questions – Who? What? Where? When? How?

  10. Define your aim – where do you want to get to, what would the world be like if the problem went away?

  11. Remember, the problem may not be the thing you want to solve

  12. Ideate

  13. Come up with as much data as you can on the problem

  14. Brainstorm

  15. Use search engines

  16. Make lists

  17. Do Mind Maps

  18. DON’T judge at this stage – just get as much varied information as you can

  19. Develop

  20. Now you sort everything out

  21. Start to prioritise the things which may help you

  22. Consider losing the things which are obviously unhelpful

  23. Implement

  24. Turn it all into a plan

  25. Make it actionable

  26. Be SMART

  27. Do IT!

  28. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo explained by Ted – here

  29. Have a listen to the FAB, challenging, demanding, beautiful podcast by Sean called Share A Slice

  30. Get some support and ideas to get houseplants looking great in your life by listening to the excellent On The Ledge by Jane Perrone

  31. Thank you to Stacey and Carla at the Brit Pod Scene network – a lovely bunch of people!

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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