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Demotivated Stuck Stressed Frustrated? – STP039

Episode 39 – A roundup of the best stuff we’ve found on social media in this last 2 weeks to help you get better. If you recognise any of the words in the title, there are some solutions for you here.

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  1. Getting used to the new studio – does it sound OK to you?

  2. Some great resource on social media we’ve found to help you get better

  3. This fab article by John Rampton on – Discipline versus Motivation

  4. Miranda Marquit says – willpower is a limited resource and you need self-motivation to sustain you when willpower runs out

  5. Top Gun pilot David Berke disagrees. He says motivation is meaningless

  6. Me contradicting Jim Rohn? Controversial!

  7. Self motivation and external motivation

  8. Daniel Pink’s fabulous book – Drive

  9. Podcast recommendation – Next Action associates

  10. GTD reducing stress

  11. Why I am calmer than I have ever been as a result

  12. Video recommendation – This fabulous Ted Talk from BJ Fogg

  13. The power of Motivation, Ability and a Trigger

  14. Changing our behaviour with tiny habits can cause long term change

  15. How a set of scales tweeting his weight for a year didn’t help him lose weight

  16. But when he started changing tiny habits it started to work

  17. Finally a cracking article recommendation – 5 Emotionally Intelligent Habits for Dealing with Work Frustrations

  18. Getting frustrated at work? Yeah right – who doesn’t

  19. Five emotionally intelligent solutions to some of those frustrations

  20. And these don’t just apply to work but to anything which frustrates us:

  21. Wait to react

  22. Name the feeling

  23. Share how you feel with someone who can be objective.

  24. Reflect on the situation like an outside observer.

  25. Imagine it’s 1/5/10 years later

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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