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Do Better Meetings – STP049

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  1. Who invented the meeting

  2. Terrible conference calls – an example

  3. Why a CNBC article confirms your worst fears – meetings can be rubbish

  4. Everything that’s wrong with meetings

  5. Holding meetings 101 – The basics:

  6. Respect your attendee’s time

  7. Get to the point

  8. Consider who HAS to be there

  9. Set the agenda

  10. Change the location

  11. Or even just change SEATS!

  12. John Cleese shows us what’s wrong with meetings

  13. Can you make meetings better if you’re invited to them? YES YOU CAN

  14. A great article by Tom Catalini – how to avoid meetings that waste your time

  15. Book meetings with yourself

  16. Find out from the organiser what the purpose is of the meeting

  17. Reach out to the other delegates and help each other prepare

  18. Why you should sometimes say ‘no’

  19. Arrive late – or leave early

  20. A GREAT Ted talk by David Grady – Worth 6 minutes of your time trust me

  21. The radical stuff – what Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and other big players do

  22. Empty chair

  23. Silent reading time

  24. No Powerpoint

  25. Not before noon

  26. Only on a Wednesday

  27. Do 30 mins in 20

  28. Purge recurring meetings

  29. Throw out the hangers on

  30. Lose the chairs

  31. Walk out (if you’re not adding value)

The research we used for this episode was:

  1. The Chicago Tribune/Vancouver Sun –  Meetistotle

  2. HBR – Stop the meeting madness

  3. Forbes article by Dean Brenner – The Secret To Better Meetings

  4. Tom Catalini – How to avoid meetings that waste your time

  5. Drayton Bird – Please Read Carefully Before You Even Think Of Attending A Meeting

  6. John Cleese – Meetings Meetings Bl**dy Meetings

  7. Fastcompany – Business Leaders Share How They Cut Down On Meetings

  8. – Top Business Leaders Meetings

  9. Project Management Hacks – 7 tips to more productive meetings

  10. – 9 steps to better meetings

  11. CNBC – Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban and Elon Musk avoid this productivity killer

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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