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Doing Time – STP044

Episode 44 –  Can you rely on time? Can you manage it? What were you doing with yours 3 days ago at 3:15pm? Wanna find out? Then have a listen!

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  1. Time management doesn’t work

  2. What does ‘time’ even mean?

  3. Could we change how we measure time – some people already have

  4. Time seems to stretch depending on what you are doing

  5. Psychology Today explain why the years pass faster as you get older

  6. Terry – come one, give him a chance! At least his facts are real

  7. The earth doesn’t revolve every 24 hours

  8. The French tried to ‘decimalise’ time – TWICE!

  9. In the Soviet Union they changed the length of the week 3 times in the 20th Century

  10. Changing your approach to what fills your day could work two ways:

  11. Getting more done in the same time

  12. Doing the same amount in less time

  13. Which one do you want? They’re both good for different reasons

  14. Lunchtime – how do you do yours?

  15. Why measuring ‘performance’ just based on how many hours someone works may not be useful

  16. Is it time to find out what fills your 168 hours?

  17. E-mails take up more than we think according to –

  18. That’s just e-mails, where are your other ‘time-thieves’?

Track your time – it’s VERY revealing

  1. The Art of Manliness wrote – this article on the subject

  2. You can do it different ways – one way is with apps

  3. Here is an article on time tracking apps you can look at

  4. Here’s another one – because we like to give you choice!

  5. The one we used was – Toggl

  6. Consider how you’re going to track your time with an app, there are 2 key ways:

  7. Every time you start a new task, log it

  8. Checking in each 15/30 minutes and logging what you’ve been doing

  9. The great thing about Toggl is that you can select categories and tags

  10. My categories were:

  11. Work – reactive actions (meetings, resolving stuff etc)

  12. Work – proactive actions (planning, developing, strategy)

  13. Routines

  14. Travel

  15. Calls

  16. Self development

  17. Eating

  18. Family time

  19. Relaxing

  20. Meditating

  21. Messing about

  22. Podcast production

  23. Instead of apps, try tracking time using a paper-based method

  24. There’s loads around – but we made one for you

  25. Download it either from this image here…

  1. Or if your shownotes don’t show the image download it here – The Sharp Time Tracker

  2. Decide on doing weekday/weekend or both

  3. Log actions every 15/30 minutes (you decide)

  4. Write EVERYTHING down – including messing about time (e.g. social media scrolling)

  5. Be honest

  6. Suspend judgement until you’ve finished

  7. Do it for at least 1 week – 2 if you can

  8. If you want to – log it on paper first (the raw activities) and then put into Toggl afterwards

  9. You can then categorise and Toggl gives you reports in different ways

  10. Take what you’ve learned and use it to inform what steps you want to take

  11. Go and look at any of our other episodes to work on what you’ve decided on

  12. A good place to start if you want to plan your day better is Episode 35

  13. We discovered that Terry needs some equipment training!

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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