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Escape the Tractor Beam – STP002

Episode 2 – Escape the Tractor Beam

In this second episode we look at social media and how to consider using it to help us be BETTER at what we do. We also go out on location, and take our life in our hands!

It might sound like I’m on a mission to upset the apple cart when it comes to social media, and I guess I am a bit. Taking control of your use is the key – after all, we don’t want external things to control us do we?

In this episode we cover:

  1. Sending messages from the future

  2. Thinking differently about what successful people do – and stealing it to help us

  3. Why some social media is rubbish

  4. How to break the vicious circle using technology

  5. Ditching the ‘News Feed’ (it’s the secret Tractor Beam)

  6. The difference between Profiles, Pages and Groups – did you know?

  7. How Arnie came back through Facebook

  8. Getting outside – go on, do it now (well after you’ve finished listening eh)

  9. We use bad grammar in one section – did you spot it? We did it on purpose, honest guv’.

  10. Why the PowerPuff girls are messing with your head

Some further information is available from this selection of carefully selected links:

The Telegraph article from 2015 on how much we actually use social media – Telegraph

Apps to help you reduce the time you ‘waste’ on your phone and social media – Breakfree

An article from the Guardian on the march of Facebook – Guardian

PEW survey on Social Media use in the USA where they use the word ‘Math’ – PEW

Arnie’s page on Facebook – Arnie

An excellent article by Peter Bregman about how (and why) to STOP multitasking – HBR

One of my fave podcasts – TED RADIO HOUR

And if you’d like to listen to the first episode, or subscribe or look at other things – the website is HERE

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