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Even Sharper New Year Goals – STP052

Episode 52 –  We go back in time, to an episode we originally broadcast in 2017 where we summarised the best ideas we’d found on setting GREAT goals. This version of EP29 is edited to be a bit tighter. We’ve got rid of the out of date stuff, and kept the good stuff. Wanna set better goals for 2019? Give it a listen.

If you’d like to listen to the FULL episodes, the links are here:

  1. Episode 18 (Why Your Goals Aren’t Working) where we cover:

  2. The resource out there on setting goals

  3. 5 steps which many people agree on when setting successful goals

  4. 1) Visualising your goal – invoke all of your senses

  5. The brain’s link between sounds, smells and memory

  6. 2) Writing your goal down – using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym

  7. Be Specific about what the goal is

  8. Define how you would Measure whether you’ve achieved the goal

  9. Use ‘Action’ language – Do, Become, Develop

  10. Realistic – either take this literally and make the goals realistic, or take the ‘Big Hairy Audacious’ approach and set really stretching goals. You decide!

  11. Set a Time limit to when you want to achieve the goal by

  12. 3) Sharing your goal

  13. Two schools of thought on this, make them public, or keep them private. Here are two perspectives:

  14. Fast Company say make it public 

  15. Derek Sivers says keep them private

  16. 4) Break it down

  17. Be sure to split bigger goals into smaller steps

  18. Be clear on the NEXT step

  19. Make it something you can do within 24 hours

  20. 5) Plan

  21. Set yourself dates in the diary to review your progress AND to celebrate your success

  22. The one thing missing from most of the advice – WHY

  23. Why WHY?

  24. Never underestimate the power of stating the obvious

  25. 30 million people have given up smoking this way

  26. 5 whys according to iSixSigma

  27. 5 whys according to Toyota

  28. A version delivered from our kitchen table

  29. How you can make reviewing progress more satisfying

  30. Use a good planner to manage your progress – this is nice Action Day Academic Diary 17/18

  1. The importance of being flexible – your goals don’t have to be set in stone

  2. In fact if you set the wrong ones, and you’ve changed them, then the process works!

  3. Episode 19 (10 Great Ways To Track Your Goals) where we cover:

  4. Why it’s no good just deciding on your goals

  5. Apps and mobile based resource can track and support your goals, because your device is always with you

  6. We reviewed loads of different websites, blogs and resource to research what apps are out there

  7. We (I) found 95 different apps to consider

  8. So then I filtered them based on which ones got recommended the most

  9. In the episode, I talked about the top 5 – here they are:


  11. Goals on track

  12. Strides

  13. Irunurun

  14. Lifetick

  15. Next up was ‘paper based’ resource – sometimes it’s just nice to write with a pen

  16. Especially if you’re in a field (or the field)

  17. The Self Journalhere’s the link

  18. While researching The Self Journal, I came across this video by Gillateen. He’s funny and cool

  19. My Pro Plannerhere’s the link

  20. They had a nice video too – here it is

  21. Action Day planners – here’s the link

  22. Two further bits of resource which are paper based but not journals:

  23. Design the Life You Love by Ayshe Birsel – here’s the link

  24. Field Notes notebooks, my absolute fave – here they are

  25. Fisher Space pen, it can write upside down, underwater, in the snow. So if you find yourself upside down in snowy water it’s a must. Also if you just want to have a handy small pen, it’s also a must. Again – here’s the link

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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