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Get Into the Groove – STP006

Episode 6 – Our second visit to the world of habits. Did you hear last week’s yet? If not, I think it’s worth doing that and then coming back here.

This week we look at Apps to support you with the ‘cue’ and ‘reward’ steps, and some other online resource which can help when you want to change your behaviour. From presentations to party planning, a good understanding of why we behave like we do is key to unlocking the changes you really want to happen.

 Some of the stuff in there is:

  1. New Year’s resolutions, and why they don’t stick – some stats

  2. Gym memberships – some stats from Planet Money

  3. Apps which can help you with the ‘cue’ and ‘reward’ parts of habit forming

  4. For both Android and Apple there’s –

  5. Prefer simple and on Android? try – Loop Habit Tracker

  6. Prefer simple and on IOS (And Android)? try – Habit Bull

  7. Why the behaviour and reward cycle is so powerful – Judson Brewer on the TED stage

  8. Procrastination and how to attack it

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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