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Help With Change – STP060

Episode STP060 –  With the whole corona-virus and lock-down thing going on, we wondered how we can help. It turns out there are three areas we know about that could be useful to you. How we do the ‘home’ thing, dealing with change, and learning new things.

Look at all this stuff we covered:

  1. We chatted at the table and talked about

  2. Working from home – this is what can help:

  3. Set aside a dedicated area

  4. Plan your day with a structure

  5. Agree boundaries with the family

  6. Set a definite end time to the day

  7. Wear something different

  8. Doing ‘Not-Work’ from home:

  9. Set a schedule anyway – avoid the Netflix trap!

  10. Take baby steps

  11. Exercise

  12. Have a look at some online courses

  13. Be kind to others and yourself

  14. Change

  15. The change curve from Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

  16. The difference between a change, and the emotion it brings

  17. 5 stages of change

  18. Denial and shock

  19. Anger

  20. Bargaining

  21. Depression

  22. Acceptance and integration

  23. What all this has to do with toilet paper

  24. Some practical steps you can take

  25. Identify the positives

  26. Think about change that you’ve experienced before

  27. Talk it out with someone

  28. Consider the worst that could happen

  29. Focus on what you CAN control

  30. Protect your well-being

  31. Doing some self-development or online courses

  32. Not all online courses are the same

  33. We looked at 5 different providers

  34. YouTube (you don’t need a link do you?)

  35. The Open University

  36. The Great Courses (Plus)

  37. LinkedIn Learning

  38. Udemy

  39. You can also consider TedEd, Coursera, Alison, the Forum and more. Links to those and others can be found in this article from Lifehack

Further reading and information is available from the following places:

  1. Businessballs

  2. The University of Exeter

  3. TedX – The Kate Braestrup talk

  4. Harvard Business Review

  5. Reachout Australia

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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