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Last Night A Checklist Saved My Life – STP026

Some of the stuff in there is:

  1. Why should we consider checklists

  2. Who uses them

  3. Our brain, and why it needs help at times

  4. We considered the Psychology Today article on why we only retain certain information

  5. What you’ve got in common with an airline pilot, a doctor, a diver – and me

  6. The solutions we come up with to make allowances for our brain’s limitations

  7. Beans

  8. The tragedy which caused the airline pilot checklist to come into existence

  9. The Art Of Manliness – their ideas about checklists

  10. Atul Gawande author of – The Checklist Manifesto

  11. Gawande’s Ted talk

  12. Malcolm Gladwell’s review of his book

  13. You can order The Checklist Manifesto from Amazon UK here

  14. Or you can order it from Amazon USA here

  15. That bumbling dufus and his report this week

  16. My checklists – the podcast, travelling

  17. Ideas about what you could consider making simpler with checklists

  18. Cleaning routines

  19. Morning routine

  20. Checklists for Kids in the morning

  21. Xmas Day

  22. Photographer/Filmmaker’s checklist

  23. Holiday checklists – packing or actions before the holiday

  24. First Aid kits

  25. Entertaining

  26. Finances

  27. Networking

  28. Blogging or online content checklists

  29. How to manage them – from paper to apps

  30. Evernote – here’s a tutorial to show you how to create them

  31. Nozbe – this shows you how to set up a template

  32. Wunderlist – here are some ideas

  33. Alternatives to Wunderlist when it eventually goes 🙁

  34. Atul’s guide for creating strong checklists

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