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Overcomoing Perfectionism – STP047

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  1. The link between perfectionism and competitiveness

  2. Where both of mine came from (I’m better now!)

  3. Why you should never declare perfectionism as a ‘weakness’ in an interview

  4. What perfectionism is according to Steve and Lisa at the table

  5. What research says the different kinds of perfectionism are

  6. Adaptive and Maladaptive

  7. Self Oriented – Other Oriented – Socially Prescribed

  8. The worrying research that shows how it can be linked to mental health issues

  9. It’s growing – especially among the younger generation

  10. The 6 disadvantages of perfectionism

  11. Why you should listen to Super Pee Pee time

  12. 6 ways of dealing with perfectionism in others

  13. How to deal with it if you manage people who have it

  14. 10 tips on dealing with your own perfectionism

  15. Baby steps

  16. Focus on what’s enjoyable

  17. Be self aware

  18. Focus on the positive

  19. Meditate

  20. Focus on the journey not the destination

  21. Record your progress – not the target

  22. Laugh (a lot)

  23. Get inspired by dreamers and risk takers

  24. Embrace the idea that you are NOT in control

Here’s all the research and links:

  1. The Curran and Hill meta analysis of undergraduates from 1989 to 2016

  2. Hewett and Flett on the 3 different types of perfectionism

  3. Psychology Today – The Challenge Of Perfectionism

  4. BBC Future – The Dangerous Downsides of Perfectionism

  5. The University of North Carolina study showing the connection between perfectionism and psychopathology

  6. The 6 key problems with perfectionism according to

  7. Super Pee Pee Time – it’s bonkers and I love it!

  8. Psychology Today – Alan A Cavaiola on dealing with perfectionists

  9. The book “Impossible To Please” by Cavailoa and Lavender

  10. Harvard Business Review – How to manage a perfectionist

  11. Tiny Buddha – The one thing you need to know to overcome perfectionism

  12. The Muse – How to stop perfectionism from ruining your life

  13. Psychology Today – 5 ways to overcome fear of failure and perfectionism

  14. Very Well Mind – Overcoming perfectionism

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