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Ready Steady Tomato – STP033

Episode 33 –  We go on a journey from modern day Manchester to 1980’s Rome, and learn how you can solve YOUR procrastination problems.

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  1. Who on earth is Bradley Griffin

  2. Why is he in Starbucks? (The clue is that the episode is about procrastination)

  3. What that’s got to do with 1980’s Italy

  4. How a student there had some problems, and why it matters to you how he solved them

  5. The Pomodoro Technique

  6. An introduction video from Cirillo Company 

  7. The basic steps:

  8. Step 1 – Get the tools: a timer, a piece of paper, and a pencil

  9. Step 2 – Turn off distractions, and be clear on what piece of work you’re going to do

  10. Step 3–  Set the timer for 25 minutes

  11. Step 4 – Start working, really focus, and just work. During the 25 minutes, if something comes up that could distract you, make a note of it on the piece of paper, and carry on working

  12. Step 5 – When the timer goes off, step away from your work

  13. Find out more from Cirillo Company on the technique

  14. What Lisa and I think about it

  15. The more advanced elements

  16. The original book – link to purchase the original is here

  17. A cool You Tube video by Francesco D’Alessio on aps you can use

  18. If I’m not somewhere that I can use a ‘tomato timer’, my go-to Pomodoro App is Tide

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Thanks EVER SO MUCH for listening. If we help you to BE BETTER at what you do, then it’s all been worth it!

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