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Reasons to be Cheerful – STP003

Episode 3 – You don’t need to be faster, just better

Social media doesn’t have to be a drag, it can be a superb resource, and lively to use if we think about how we’re using it. We talk about how to keep up with the ever-increasing social media ‘noise’ here in this episode. Can you use LinkedIn and Twitter to get better? We think so, and explain how and why you should. This time we take our life in our hands by talking to people on the street, and at least one of them isn’t me!

Some of the stuff in there is:

  1. LinkedIn – should you?

  2. LinkedIn claim 60% of the UK’s student and working population are connected in this article

  3. The We Are Flint survey which gives a different and interesting perspective

  4. Some suggestions to get the most out of your time if you dive in to LinkedIn

  5. Thank people – they’ll appreciate it

  6. Take time to set up your profile

  7. Join groups – you can get good information

  8. Re-share articles – people will notice you

  9. Write articles. Come on, you know you want to. After all you know something that no one else does

  10. Limit your time on there – I reckon 30 mins a fortnight or month is probably enough

  11. Useful info from on setting up your profile and getting the most from LinkedIn

Twitter – do you bucket?

  1. Some of the numbers I quoted were from this article from Brandwatch

  2. Using lists and how it may save your life. Or time. Or money. Ok, maybe not your life, but definitely time and after all time is money eh?

  3. Some suggestions for starting your lists:

  4. ‘Family stuff’ – this could include people who tweet about days out, kids clothes, education and so on

  5. ‘People I want to engage with’ – this is self-explanatory. Bear in mind people do see what you’ve called the list you put them in, so something like ‘great connections’ or similar may be a good name for this list

  6. Local Network

  7. People linked to the field you work in (field=vocation, not somewhere sheep graze, unless of course you’re a farmer in which case it could be spot on).

  8. People linked to the field you want to work in (!)

  9. Inspirational People’

  10. ‘Monday List’, ‘Tuesday List’ – this is a different way to do it. Limiting the time you spend online each day

My top five tips for new Twitter users:

  1. Do NOT buy followers, or connect back to people claiming to “increase your followers to 20,000!”. They are a waste of time, it’s pointless and doesn’t help you

  2. Engage with people, that’s a much better way to grow than any ‘hack’

  3. Remember that we’re human (well most of us) and we like to be acknowledged

  4. Re-tweet and share tweets, it will grow your connections and show people you’re interested in what they’re talking about

  5. Use Hashtags – they still work. Maximum 3 per tweet though. #After #all #this #just #looks#annoying!!!

  6. And my bonus tip – Use the Twitter Hour. Here’s a link to a directory from Design That Fits

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