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Sleep For Your Life – STP022

Some of the stuff in there is:

  1. What can happen if you don’t get enough sleep

  2. There’s a really interesting animation – by the Ted team here

  3. Why only a few people can survive on low levels of sleep

  4. The risks you expose yourself to even after only being awake for 18 hours

  5. National Geographic’s experiment – This is your brain on no sleep

  6. How many people die in sleep related crashes each year – the numbers are astonishing

  7. Further reading from Forbes here 

  8. The health consequences of missing out on just an hour’s sleep a night

  9. The Telegraph Article

  10. 5 definite benefits from getting enough sleep:

  11. You’re better able to focus and learn

  12. You feel happier

  13. You’re more productive

  14. You’re less hungry

  15. You won’t get sick as often

  16. The Sleep.Org article is here

  17. What happens when we sleep?

  18. The sleep cycles:

  19. Non-REM sleep – Four stages

  20. REM sleep

  21. You can read more detail on the cycles – in this BBC Science Article

  22. How sleep literally washes our brains!

  23. Article from the National Institute of Health in the US on sleep

  24. The solutions to getting more sleep in today’s busy world:

  25. Routine – Establish a wind-down routine to include turning your device off an hour before bedtime, an end of day journal, warmth bath, read a relaxing book. Here’s a routine from the Huffington Post

  26. Mindfulness, yoga or relaxation techniques – Any of these can calm your mind more generally.

  27. Here’s a link to find out about the headspace app

  28. This one is about 10% Happier

  29. This podcast called ‘Sleep with me’ may help you to sleep also

  30. Caffeine curfew – Did you know that caffeine has a half life of 6 hours? Here is some reading. Stopping caffeine at 1 or 2pm will definitely help

  31. Invest in good quality sleeping stuff bed, mattress, pillows, pyjamas, cassettes you can put a small one into…

  32. ExerciseThis article explains why a regular exercise routine can help you sleep

  33. Ditch the devicesThe blue light can trick your body into thinking it should be awake, and the buzzers and beeps (or even the thought of them going off) can delay the onset of sleep.

  34. Apps – There’s loads out there to help you manage the supportive habits you want to develop. Here’s the link back to our episode where we featured them.

  35. Further reading:  Here are two more articles which formed our source and make for useful further reading:

  36. The Daily Telegraph – 25 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

  37. Sleep.Org – 7 Habits Keeping You Awake

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 The amazing photograph we’ve used this week is by the artist Abdou Moussaoui. You can see more of his work here, here’s really fab… Pixabay

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